Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dinner and Basketball

I wanted to post these photos but did not want to include them in my "interesting" post (which will follow shortly!). 

For dinner last night, PeePorn made some kind of a curry soup with cabbage, water chestnuts, chicken and coconut milk that we served over rice.  It did have a little bit of a bite to it but not too bad. 
Last week, I told PeePorn about a dish that we used to have at Hanuman, our favorite restaurant in Australia.  It was on their menu as "red snapper with sweet chili sauce" and she did a great job of recreating it for us. 
Below are some photos from one of Christopher's community league basketball games.  It is kind of funny because I was getting on him yesterday about not playing with intensity but clearly, these photos prove otherwise.
He has another game this afternoon and then a practice tonight so he will probably be all basketball-ed out for today!  He did decide this weekend that he is not going to play on the baseball team traveling to Singapore at Thanksgiving.  He feels like he has enough going on with games and practices for the two basketball teams, schoolwork and his social life.  He will play in the community baseball league in January but wanted a break for now. 

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