Saturday, August 27, 2011

Lots of Photos

As long as I remember to take my camera with me, I shall have photos to post!  These are just some random photos taken today.  Most are from Christopher's basketball game this afternoon (another win!) and the others are from when we were out and about.

This photo is for my women's running group... there was a long discussion yesterday about how much we love dill pickles, especially after a run.  Coincidentally, I had just purchased 2 bags of homemade dill pickles.  Look at that garlic and fresh dill!  Yum!  My dad might also like this photo as he makes the best homemade pickles EVER.  You cannot kiss anyone for, like, three days after you have one of his pickles!
Christopher before his game.
Christopher with yours truly!  I really did not intend to accessorize my jewelry with his shirt. 
Tip Off.
Shooting a free throw.
His free throw follow through.
My favorite coach.
 On his way down the court to score 17 of our 23 points;
There was a drastic improvement in our defense from the game last night.  The boys were really going after the ball for steals and grabbing rebounds.  Obviously, we need to get another player (or two or three) who can shoot but, hopefully, that will come with time.  Today, the boys were at least taking the shots - they just didn't score.

The photo below shows the emblem of ISB , the Hanuman.  In Hindu mythology, Hanuman is the divine monkey chief.  He is the conqueror of demons and hostile spirits, he is the god of strength and wisdom and he is an unselfish and faithful friend.  Hanuman is held in high esteem in Thai culture and is the official ISB seal.  Kevin and I find this explanation interesting as Thailand is a primarily a Buddhist country and the Hindu population in Thailand is really not all that significant.  P.S.   Hanuman was also the name of one of our favorite restaurants in Australia. 
This sight just made me chuckle.
This scene always makes me think of Miami, where the rule of thumb is that if it isn't nailed down, it is free for the taking.
Everyone parks their bikes in this huge bike parking lot.  No locks. No chains.  I often wonder, if this were in Miami, how long it would take for all of those bikes to be stolen?

This is a photo of new construction behind our home.  Note the bamboo poles lashed together for the paint scaffolding.  Tomorrow, the painters will stand on those poles in their bare feet and paint. The workers doing the actual construction wear either flip flops or crocs.  Clearly a Thai version of OSHA does not exist. 
Well, that is all for today!  I am sure I will have a post tomorrow to report Caitlynne's adventures at the Rose Garden.  I saw she uploaded a photo to Facebook of her riding an elephant so there will be stories to tell.

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Ellen aka EMG said...

I love the osha comment, as a lawyer too be, barefeet would never fly!

Loving all the photos lately Kristen!