Monday, August 15, 2011

First Day of School!

Finally! The first day of school! I think we were all very happy that school started today. While we have had fun meeting people and getting to know Nichada and this area, it has been hard not having any structure or schedule to our days for almost three weeks now. 

Last year in Miami, Christopher began school at 8.30 am and Caitlynne at 9.10 so, being early risers, we had enough time in the morning and never had to rush around. Here, the first bell rings at 7.20 am and the kids will need to leave the house about 6.45 to arrive at school and have time to organize for their day at their lockers. We met up with some friends this morning and went in a golf cart caravan to ISB. The group of girls went off to the 7th grade classroom block and Caitlynne did not even look back.  I walked Christopher to the cafeteria where he had arranged to meet a friend from the basketball team. No dramas and no tears. It almost seemed too easy!

I sat in the cafeteria for a while and had coffee with some friends. I am pretty sure the cafeteria is going to be the highlight of Christopher's years in Bangkok. They serve a nice selection of Thai food and Western food, there is a sandwich bar, a pasta bar, a salad bar and a dessert bar. From what we have heard, the food is delicious and, as is typical here, very inexpensive.  In fact, one of my friends told me that a lot of the moms will meet there and have lunch together (rather than go to a restaurant) because it is that good! The school also has a little coffee shop/cafe so the kids can buys snacks and drinks during the day and after school when the cafeteria is closed. While I was sitting there with my friends, Christopher came in with a group of boys during their break. He seemed happy and looked to be fitting in with a nice group of boys. 

I am going to post this before school is dismissed so tune in tomorrow to get the full report!

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Chic Coastal Living said...

awwww! I'm so glad they enjoyed their first day! Love their uniforms!