Thursday, August 15, 2013

Complete! First Phase of House Renovation

Two weeks ago, early Thursday morning (August 1st) - the granite was installed on the vanity top in the bathroom.
The granite I selected was called "white river". Since the vanity was only 36" wide, I was able to select a remnant from the supplier's "stash" which help to defray the costs a bit. 
Later in the day...the fixtures were installed. 

I couldn't resist adding a few accessories right away.

 The tub/shower area. 
Christopher's room.

 Caitlynne's room.
The hallway.
 New light fixture in the hallway.
 Looking up the new stairs to the upper level. 

Now on to the good stuff! We have been in the house for two weeks and things have changed quite a bit. My mother-in-law was kind enough to loan us some lamps (as well as a few end tables) so at least we have light!  

I love the bathroom! Caitlynne did a great job in helping to pick out the accessories.
Caitlynne and I trying to select a shower curtain almost caused World War III. Fortunately, Caitlynne spotted this one in the clearance bin at Bed Bath and Beyond and it was a perfect match to the tiling and the other linens we had picked out. We both agreed that we loved it and a MAJOR crisis was averted.

Caitlynne's room is just stunning. She chose silver and grey for accent colors and for her bed linens, curtains and rug. These photos (taken with my phone) do not even begin to do it justice. The two lamps and the mirrored bedside table were fabulous and totally unexpected finds at HomeGoods. We are still looking around for a mirrored dresser so if anyone has any leads, please pass them on. There is still work to be done but everything else (art, pillows, accessories, etc.) is packed in our air and sea freight shipments so we are at a standstill for now. That goes for Christopher's room. And the rest of the house. 

Our room is really very unspectacular and ho hum right now. 
Window treatments in our room are on the "absolutely must do" list (I think our neighbors would appreciate it!) but I am having a very hard time trying to decide what to install. I really would like to wait until our air freight shipment is delivered as I had a couple of sets of drapes made in Thailand and I *think* one set might work in here. However, it has been so long since I have seen any of that stuff, I forget the exact colors. So I will wait. Sigh. Edited to add...I wrote this post early this morning and we have since received very bad news regarding our air shipment. Details to follow soon. UGH. UGH. AND. UGH.
Of course, my shadows followed me from room to room while I was taking these photos! 
The photo below is taken of the only part of our bathroom that I am not embarrassed to publish. 
The rest of the master bath is in a state of organized chaos. Just like my life. We did not do much in the master bath as far as renovation is concerned. Other areas in the house needed work more urgently and, let's face it, a master bathroom renovation is not cheap and we are not made of money. Dan and Mimmo removed the wallpaper, repainted and updated the fixtures and that cosmetic work alone made a huge difference, enough so that we hope to hold off on completely renovating this room for a long while. My goal is to spend this weekend and get this room all sorted. Monday I hope to have photos of my progress. 

In my last post, in addition the information I wrote about our air shipment, I also spoke too soon about Sonder not being interested in Chester's toys. Uh oh! 
They are very good-natured when they play together but I do have to keep a close eye on them because of the difference in their sizes and Chester being so big and so uncoordinated. 
We have been having spectacular weather here (it was 56 degrees when I ran this morning) and I have been spending a lot of time outside during the day with the boys. 
Have a great Friday!


Ryann Hoyer said...

Who would be embarrased to share an awesome bathroom like that, Kristen? Caitlynne did a great job with the accessories - she got fantastic pieces! I love your tub the most! I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy every bath you take in there. :)

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