Saturday, August 24, 2013

Before and After

Look what showed up this morning! Almost 3 months after it was packed in our home in Thailand and 2 months after it arrived in the U.S., our air freight was finally delivered to our home in Virginia. 
It was pure luck that an agent from our moving company was at BWI in the cargo area on Thursday afternoon and happened upon our shipment  - which according to an airline rep had "been sitting there for some time". It was all cleared and ready to go so the movers loaded it on to their truck and delivered to us early this morning.

Kevin went off to golf with a friend and I began unpacking. 

Hopefully, my engagement ring is in the pile above. It is very chilly here and my fingers have "shrunk" a little with the cold - my ring slipped off while I was in an unwrapping & unpacking frenzy. I haven't left the house so I know it is around here somewhere. Sigh. It is always something!

I have emptied all of the boxes.
Everything is in piles. 
Or spread out on the kitchen counters and table.  (Remember, no looking at the wallpaper!). The only "casualty" was a broken dinner plate - not bad at all!

I think we are all going to be thrilled not to have to eat with plastic utensils anymore! 
I need to dig through that pile and find my ring before I take a short nap to recharge my batteries. I am sure I will be organizing and putting all of this stuff away for the rest of the day. 

Have a great Saturday!

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