Thursday, August 22, 2013

Are You Ready For Some Football?!?

A horrible picture but two of my boys and I settled in to watch the NY Giants - Indianapolis Colts game on Sunday night. 
The Giants did not play all that well but IT. WAS. A. PRESEASON. GAME. That comment is specifically directed to those Redskins' fans (especially the one that I am married to and the other one that I gave birth to) who are so convinced that a 2-0 record in the PRESEASON is surely indicative of a Superbowl win. NOT!

Some good news. Finally. Our contractors, Mimmo, and Dan, have been one of the very few things that have gone "right" with this move. 

When we returned to Virginia in June and realized the magnitude of work that needed to be done in our home before we could move in, not only were we faced with hiring a reliable contractor but we also needed someone who could start and finish the work ASAP. We were splitting our time between a hotel, Jim and Jan's home and my mother-in-law's home. Living out of a suitcase was getting old very quickly. 

Mimmo was highly recommended to us by Kevin's brother and his mom who had him complete extensive renovation work in both of their homes. We scheduled a meeting with Mimmo and Dan immediately and, while they couldn't complete the entire scope of work that we needed done because of other projects, they re-arranged their schedule with their clients such that they could at least renovate the bedrooms and the bathrooms on our upper level and we could partially move in. They did a spectacular job on that portion of the work and actually finished one day ahead of schedule. When they left our home in early August, the plan was for them to start/finish two other projects and then return to us in mid-September. Not the greatest situation for us but we really liked their work and, in our opinion, it was worth the wait and inconvenience. 

Well, imagine my surprise (and happiness) when Mimmo called me yesterday afternoon and said that the second project they had scheduled was postponed for a while because the client was in the hospital. This meant they could begin the rest of the work on our home MONDAY!!! YAY!!! 

Mimmo is coming to meet with me Saturday morning so we can go over exactly what needs to be done and to plan a schedule for the completion of work. I have a lot to think about and do before then as far as selecting tile, bathroom fixtures, paint, etc. but the unexpected busyness is for such a good reason, I don't mind at all. We still have no more information on our "missing" air freight and our storage. In addition, we haven't had any updates on the status of our sea freight shipment which was *supposed* to arrive in Baltimore on August 15th. This continues to stress me out but it will be easier for Mimmo and Dan to work in an empty house so, while I will continue to push for our shipments / storage to be located and processed through Customs, I might not be so demanding about having them delivered. 

Have a great Thursday!

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