Saturday, May 5, 2012

Uh Oh!

Yay for the weekend!  

It is a 3 day weekend for us as Thailand is celebrating yet another national holiday on Monday, Coronation Day.  This holiday celebrates the 60th anniversary of the official coronation of His Majesty, The King Bhumibol Adulyadej. The kids are off from school (again) and the Embassy is closed (again) which really doesn't matter to us as Kevin is leaving (again) for a trip back to the U.S.  Since there are street festivals, parades and other ceremonies planned for all over the city, I am pretty sure we won't be going anywhere near downtown this weekend.

The website that I use to track my progress on my transcontinental run was down for a few days this week and I was beginning to worry that my data might be permanently lost.  I tried to find similar programs on-line but wasn't successful and then began to think (also unsuccessfully) of a plan "B" for my running goals for the remainder of the year. Fortunately, I was able to log on to the website early this morning and after entering my mileage for the week, I was a little surprised to see this...

567.0 mi - "1.65 mi to Elkhorn City, KY", Pike County
"Section: 11 Map Name: Elkhorn City, 132"
Yes, Kentucky... only 1.65 miles away!  So, instead of having almost 150 miles left to run in Virginia before reaching the Kentucky State line, I will cross into Kentucky tomorrow morning. That 1.65 miles will give me incentive to get up and run.

Obviously, I can't read a map (a statement I am sure Kevin won't argue with) but I really have no idea how I goofed and miscalculated the distance left for me to run to Kentucky.  I guess I misinterpreted the meaning of the mileage segments posted for the different portions of my runs and erred in predicting my goal distances. Since I achieved my goal to reach Kentucky before we left Thailand for the summer, I will find a new destination to run to so I have incentive to run in this miserable weather for another 6 weeks.  Our first stop in the U.S on our trip home for the summer will be in Seattle to visit Kevin's brother and his family.  Next to seeing our adorable and very happy 16 month old nephew, I am most excited about running in Seattle!  I don't even care about the hills - just bring on the cooler weather.

The kids are both playing in an intramural basketball league at ISB.  Practices are on Thursday nights and games are on Saturdays.  Today there were quite a few players missing so teams were combined and Caitlynne and Christopher were actually on the same team.  It was fun to watch them play again and it was made even nicer because they played in the air conditioned gym.  It truly is the little things in life! 

Have a great Saturday!  

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