Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Catching Up

I had most of this post written yesterday afternoon but got distracted with changing my playlist for the iPod and never actually published it.

Mother's Day was a total bust in our home, at least for me.  Both of the kids completely forgot about the holiday.  While I was preparing dinner Sunday night, I (very slyly) asked Caitlynne if any of her Facebook friends had posted "Happy Mother's Day" messages to their moms. Christopher was tipped off about the holiday at 6.30 pm because his friend left to go home so his family could take his mom out to dinner. Christopher then came downstairs and very nonchalantly wished me a Happy Mother's Day. To be fair, Mother's Day is not celebrated in Thailand until August and, with Kevin gone, there really was no way for them to have known that it was a special day. I made chicken pot pie, a green salad and a fruit plate so we had a nice quiet dinner together.

Both the kids had basketball on Saturday and each played a really good game.  They were on opposing teams this weekend and a boy on Caitlynne's team sunk a basket with 2 seconds left to break the tie and win.  Caitlynne babysat four evenings/nights in a row last week - she is building up quite a shopping fund for when we are back home this summer. Christopher had a sleepover at a friend's home on Friday night and then he had a friend to sleep over at our home on Saturday.  

I went to the annual American Women's Club Gala Dinner on Saturday evening with one of my neighbors.  It was held at the Four Seasons downtown and was a very elegant evening.  I wore a cocktail dress but some women went all out and there were some very fancy gowns and hair styles.  The food was very good - much better than I had expected.  Since it was a fundraising event, there was a silent auction as well as a live auction after the dinner service.  There were a lot of beautiful pieces of jewelry, gorgeous carpets and vacation get-aways on offer.  If you were looking to spend some money, there were many good deals to be had - a $9,000 carpet went for $3,500, a ruby and diamond ring valued at over $6,000 went for about $2,000.  It was a fun night and it was nice to catch up with some friends that I don't see all that much.  I went to see Say Jon on Sunday but he was in the medical clinic and his entire "house" was under quarantine because of an outbreak of pink eye. If he had something other than pink eye, I would have gone to the clinic (it is on-site) and visited with him there but pink eye is so transmittable and there is no way I want to risk getting it. I went back again yesterday but the situation was still the same so I might not get to see him this week. 

Kevin returned home late last night from the U.S.  He has a few other trips planned before we all go to the U.S. in mid-June but those trips are all in this region and shouldn't be more than a few days each.  Our anniversary is Friday (16 years!) and we are planning to go to the Moon Bar at Vertigo for drinks and dinner.  This is a "special occasion" destination and we have heard very good things from friends who have been there. Here is the description and a few photos from the Banyan Tree website.

"Vertigo is an appropriate name for this exclusive and highly original bar in the centre of Bangkok; it’s a stunning bar-cum-restaurant situated at dizzying heights on the 61st floor of the Banyan Tree Hotel and provides a completely unique location in which to enjoy food, drinks and the panoramic views of the Thai capital. There’s only one thing to bear in mind if planning a visit here…make sure it’s a dry night. The bar itself is not roofed over and spending an evening sipping your drinks in the rain might not be the best evening’s entertainment, regardless of how spectacular the views may be! On a balmy summer evening however there’s nothing quite like sipping a chilled cocktail and watching the reflection of the setting sun glittering in the winding Chao Phraya river. Perhaps the greatest surprise here however is that for such an exclusive and singular location, the drinks and food are very reasonably priced."
I am really looking forward to this night out and will be crossing my fingers (and toes) that it doesn't rain.

Have a great Tuesday! 

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