Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Big Unveil

My instructor was so excited to show me how my pieces came out of the kiln after being glazed and then fired the second time.  She loved how they fired and said she almost called me earlier in the week to come and see them. 

My large plate.
I used sapphire blue as the base coat and aquamarine as the top coat.   The combination is beautiful and exactly the look that I wanted.  In some areas, the glazes fired in such a way that it almost looks purple.

This is the small plate that I made and glazed with just the sapphire.  It is a gorgeous blue.
The small "plate" is actually the center piece that I cut out when I was making the picture frame - that is why the fish is cut off on both ends.  I molded the piece over a small frame so the curved sides would add a little interest.  
I will have photos of the picture frame next week.  I glazed it with just aquamarine and it looks great after being fired.  I wanted to bring it home last night but I still need to attach it to the back frame and I ran out of time yesterday.  I am so happy with how these pieces turned out, especially since it was my first time working with clay and glazes.

We learned how to make a wrapped vase last night. I wanted to stick with the paisley/floral pattern that I have been using.  This photo shows the pattern on my larger plate after it had been fired once but before it was glazed.
These are the two stamps that I used to make the pattern.
I rolled out my slab of clay and began to stamp.  This is what "green" clay looks like before being fired.  It is hard to imagine it turning to the "bisque" color but I guess that is what 1000 degrees of heat can do. The batch  of clay we used last night was very soft so it was easy to roll out, stamp and then construct the vase.
The slab of clay partially stamped. 
The vase ready to be fired for the first time.
We have three more classes and I think from here on out we are going to be making items of our own choosing.  I liked making the plates the best and they certainly are practical so I will probably make a few more to use as serving pieces.  I am going to see how the vase looks after the first firing before I make another one.  There were a few areas on the vase that I was not happy with (simply because of what had to be done to construct it) and I want to see if my "fixes" worked before I spend my time (and clay) on another vase.

Sonder has a yeast infection on his paws and I need to give him a paw bath every day until it clears up.  Yesterday I decided to completely bathe him...
He loves to be wrapped up in a towel and laid there like this on his bed for an hour or so while I got ready.

This week's photo of Say Jon...
Spending time with him really helps to put a lot of what is going on in my life in perspective!  

Have a great Thursday!

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