Thursday, February 16, 2012

Watching Paint Dry

Yes, that was my main activity this week!  What fun.  To be fair, I did gather and copy all of our tax information and it is now ready to send to our accountant next week.  I also organized our iTunes library on my computer (most definitely a priority!) & did a lot of filing in the office.  So, it wasn't like I did NOTHING all week.  But, yeah, close to it.    

The three day paint job is now going on day 5.  If I am not forceful with the supervisor and insist they finish tomorrow, the painting will continue into next week.  In fact,  I am sure that if I don't push them along, they will still be here & painting in March. Not too much gets done as they arrive at 9.30 am, leave for a two hour lunch at 11.30 am and then pack up for the day at 3.30 pm.  There certainly is no sense of urgency on their part to finish up.  I, on the other hand, want it finished yesterday!  

Although I do spend a lot of time at home, I hate being tied to the house.  As soon as the painters leave for lunch, I take the dogs for a short walk and then jump in the car and quickly run all of my errands.  PeePorn is here and does keep an eye on them but I don't want her responsible for making a decision in my absence.   She follows the painters around and scolds them when they get paint on the floors &  the woodwork or if they leave a mess when they leave.  I know she will be happy when the house is back to normal and she can return to her routine. 

Earlier this morning, I took some photos of what the house now looks like.  The entry way, formal living room and hallways were all painted in "mandolin gold".  It is A LOT of gold but I think it looks great on the walls and with the hardwood floors.  I was afraid it would look too yellow but it does not at all.  
The family room was painted in "pistachio" and, while it looks mint green in these photos, it really is more of a light sage color.
And now, my FAVORITE - the kitchen and dining room.  I love this color (earth henna). The window treatments are not yet re-installed and the lighting from outside was very bright and horrible for photos but at least you can get the idea.  It is very cheery.  
Unfortunately, without the furniture and decor in place, this area just SCREAMS "McDonalds" to me!    
I can't wait until all of the painting and touch ups are finished so I can restore some order (and have a dining area that doesn't resemble a fast food restaurant).

This has been our dining room table all week... 
Thank goodness Kevin was away this week as there was no room at the table for him! As it was, Caitlynne, Christopher and I had to eat our meals in shifts a few nights.

Another coat of the gold paint still needs to be applied and I hope that will be completed today. These guys did not tape any of the ceilings nor the floor & door trims and painted using only a roller and paintbrushes.  So, as you can imagine, there is a lot of touch up work that needs to be done.  If they can finish the corrective work tomorrow, I can begin to put everything back into place on Sunday.  Fingers crossed.

Caitlynne has a softball game this evening and Christopher has a baseball game tonight and  then two more tomorrow.  It is a good thing he loves to play the game and is having fun.  We also have an appointment with the orthodontist to have Caitlynne's braces tightened.  Although she has only had the braces for about two months, Kevin and I have noticed a dramatic improvement in the alignment of her teeth.  Given the amount of the money that we are paying, it is good to see that the treatment plan is definitely working.

Have a great Friday!   

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