Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Three Hundred Miles

This morning I ran mile 300 in my transcontinental run!  

I was only planning to run 5 miles today but when I saw that I was at mile 294 on the run, how could I NOT run the extra mile to make it an even 300?!? I don't think "Two Hundred Ninety Nine Miles" would have been as impressive a post title. 

This is what I "saw" at mile 300 (1.94 mi to Buchanan, VA, Botetourt County)...
The black dot in the photo below shows exactly where I am in Virginia.  Not too far from Blacksburg and Virginia Tech!   
The photo below shows the rest of my route through Virginia.  I was a little discouraged when I realized this morning that I am not even halfway through Virginia!  The way this route is mapped, the total distance through the Commonwealth is 737.7 miles.  My goal might be to reach the Virginia-Kentucky border before we leave to go back to the U.S. for the summer.  
And, if I thought it discouraging that I have been running for almost three months and have not even gone through one state, just look at where I am in the whole scheme of things...
Only 3,763 miles to go!

The last few mornings have been somewhat cool (76 - 78 degrees) and not as humid (65%) so perfect (for Bangkok) running weather.  I am just dreading what March and April will be like.  All  we hear about is how horribly hot and humid it is during those months.  I thought July and August were pretty bad when we first arrived but, apparently, March and April are much worse.  

Have a great Tuesday evening! 

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