Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Best Laid Schemes Of Mice And Men Go Often Askew

This line of the poem "To a Mouse, on Turning Her Up in Her Nest with the Plough" (written by Robert Burns in 1785) is a very accurate description of this past weekend for me!  

We began the weekend with big plans and lots of activities in store!  Friday night and Saturday morning, Caitlynne had softball games and Christopher had a double header Saturday morning.  Sunday morning, Kevin and I were to run in the 10K portion of the Standard Chartered Bangkok Marathon and I was also running those 6.2 miles in memory of Sherry Arnold (see this post).  I am one of those people (or maybe I am the only one?!?) who loves to run but hates to race.  I get so anxious the night before and at the starting line that I end up running poorly and do not enjoy myself.  Very different than when I just go out and RUN for the heck of it.  I told myself this race would be different.  Although it is miserably hot and humid here, I have had some really great runs the last few months.  I have also been doing speed workouts once a week as well as strength training three times a week.  I KNEW I could run this race  - and run it well - without any problems.  Friday night, I even felt like there was a really good chance I could meet my "reach" goal of a sub-57:00.  Sounds pretty good, right?  

T'was not to be.  Saturday morning I woke up with severe stomach pains and felt very clammy and dizzy.  I thought maybe I could walk "it" off and leashed the dogs.  We made it to the end of our little street before I felt so horrible that I had to sit down on the curb.  It was all I could do not to lay myself down on the sidewalk.  After a few minutes of rest, I gathered myself together and headed back to the house.  Somehow, I made it upstairs and climbed back into bed.  That is pretty much all I remember of Saturday.  I am not sure if I ate or drank something funky on Friday or if I caught a stomach virus or flu.  Whatever it was, it was bad.  I won't gross you out with the details.  I slept all of Saturday and it was late Sunday morning before I finally felt like even lifting my head off the pillow.  As Sunday progressed, I began to feel better.  I had some tea and toast Sunday mid-afternoon and then again in the evening.  Yesterday, I still was a little off in the morning but today, I feel like I am back to 100%.  Unfortunately, because I was sick, I missed all of the kids' softball and baseball games on Saturday, the 10K race on Sunday, running for Sherry and a baby shower that I was supposed to go to Sunday afternoon.  I was very bummed.

What a weekend for me to miss the kids' softball and baseball games!  Caitlynne had a softball game Friday night and one Saturday morning.  Her team won both games (they remain undefeated) and Caitlynne hit a double and a single in the game on Saturday.  According to her coach (Kevin), she also had a very nice play at 2nd base. She did get hit with the ball while at bat and has a bit of a bruised and swollen cheek. Christopher had a double header Saturday morning and his team won one game and lost the other. However, the best part was that Christopher had an "over the fence, out of the park" home run.  He was thrilled as his was only the second home run hit over the fence this season.  The first one was hit by a very good friend of Christopher's, who, coincidentally, was pitching when Christopher hit his.  Now, and this is pretty exciting (well, at least to me and probably to Christopher's grandparents), one of the dads took a (very) short video of Christopher at bat when he hit the home run and I was successful in transferring it over to the blog.  Yay me!  There is audio too, so crank up the sound!

This year, his team is the Dodgers and, (I know my mom will appreciate this), their uniforms are the throwback uniforms worn when the Dodgers were in Brooklyn. 

Saving the very best for last... Kevin had a fabulous race on Sunday and finished with 3rd place in the Male 40 years+ category!    Very impressive, especially considering that he is MUCH closer to 50 years old than to 40 (and I mean that in all seriousness)!  He had an awesome time of 39:15.  We were so proud of him.

Wow, two posts for today!  I have workmen here painting and do not want to leave them unsupervised so I am catching up on the blog, gathering our tax information and filing.  They finished the kitchen and dining room yesterday and should be done with the family room and a good part of the living room/entry/hallway area today.  

Happy Valentine's Day!

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