Friday, February 17, 2012


Finally!  The painters worked until almost 4:30 pm yesterday (a long day, I know) and came back again this morning to do some touch up work, re-install the drapes and clean up their work area. Today, in between Christopher's two baseball games and running a few errands, I will begin to put the house back in order. It looks like it might rain this afternoon so I will have a good excuse to stay inside.  Since I "lost" last week because of having to supervise the painters, I am going to make some fun plans for this week and try to catch up with some friends.  

Variations of these pictures have been popping up on Facebook throughout the week and, sure enough, I saw one yesterday for Bangkok.  Very true!  
Before Caitlynne's softball game was called for rain and lightning last night, she was part of a great double play while at the catcher position.  I think she and some of her friends are going to try out for the school softball team this week.  Her orthodontist appointment this morning went well but she might be in pain later as they tightened her braces a lot.  The orthodontist told her that she might need to have a tooth pulled next month.  She has an adult tooth that has grown in right over one of her baby teeth (weird, I know).  We were hoping the baby tooth would fall out on its own but shows no no sign of budging.  I think Kevin will probably have to take her to that appointment as I do not handle the kids being in pain well!  

Christopher's team lost their game last night but he had some incredible hits and pitched very well for two innings.  During the three years we lived Miami, he went to a hitting coach once a week as well as going to the batting cages and practices with his team during the season.  While his hitting in Miami was good, it was always very inconsistent.  You never knew what you were going to see when he was at bat. In Bangkok, other than team practices, he has no additional opportunity to work on his swing.  However, every single time he gets up to bat here, he hits (and hits really well).  In fact, he told me today that he has only struck out once this season and that was in the very first game with his second at bat.  Funny how he can remember those details but can't remember to brush his teeth every morning!  He is now experimenting with how he pitches so we shall see what comes from those changes.  He tried the "new" way for an inning last night and had a few strike outs so he just might be on to something.  He explained exactly what he was doing differently with his pitch but, not surprisingly, it was all Greek to me.  As long as he throws strikes, I am happy!  

Okay, I am now going to begin to put my home back together!  Yippee!

Have a great Saturday!  

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