Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Random Photos

I cannot seem to get motivated to organize the master bedroom closet so I thought I would procrastinate a bit more and post some random photos.  

Yesterday, I received this decal from my good friend, Jane, who lives in Miami.  It was her idea to put it on the golf cart and I do think it looks rather smashing myself.  Thanks so much, Jane, for sending it over!   
 And, not to be forgotten, my Alma Mater.
I have noticed a few golf carts around that have been decorated for Halloween.  Since Halloween is probably my all time LEAST favorite holiday, I won't bother doing anything to our cart.  However, I am beginning to plan for Christmas - the bigger, the brighter, the merrier!  

Another blossom on the lotus.
 The remnants of the old flower are beginning to look really creepy! Like alien eyeballs!
 I cannot wait for this to open!
The kids have a Halloween dance/social at school this afternoon so I am on my own until dinnertime.  They also have off tomorrow and Friday for parent-teacher conferences.  The conferences are student-led so it will be interesting to see what each of the kids has to say (in front of their teachers) about their classes and learning so far.  They both did really well in the first quarter and seem to have transitioned without a problem.  

The first session of my interior design seminar was to be tomorrow but has been postponed until next week because of the potential for flooding.  The instructor lives in a very low-lying area of Nichada and wanted to begin to move some furniture and household items to the second floor of their home.  I was really looking forward to it but totally understand why.  However, our field trip to Chatuchak is still planned for Friday.  Yay!  The instructor is giving us a tour of the home decorating & design sections and she will then show us the locations of her favorite vendors.  It should be fun being there in the company of someone who really knows their way around the stalls.  Usually, I wander like a lost soul and can never figure out exactly where I am or how I got there.  I am really going to have to pay attention so I can go back and shop at another time.

Have a wonderful day everyone!

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Jane said...

Hi. Even Florida Gators like Virginia Tech! I'm glad the decal has found a proper home!