Thursday, October 6, 2011

Coming Up For Air

I apologize for not posting this week but, as you might expect, it has been quite busy around here!  Kevin left for Washington, DC early (4.00 am) Sunday and the kids and I are on our own for a couple of weeks. 

I have been unpacking, organizing and arranging since last Friday and am happy to report that I have made GREAT progress and am almost finished.  Yay!  I am sleeping really well at night, that is for sure!  Downstairs is completely unpacked and organized with the exception of our den/tv/exercise room.  Kevin will go through all of those boxes when he returns and make sure everything finds a home.  Most of it is just random stuff - our sleeping bags, tools and sports equipment. 

Caitlynne unpacked and organized her room (on her own) and the master bedroom is finished with the exception of our closets.  I need to take some time and think about how I want all of our clothes and shoes organized.  Once I have a plan, I will buy some shelving/storage boxes and get that wrapped up.  Christopher takes great pride in the fact that he has not unpacked one box yet and his room looks just like the movers left it on Friday!  I am going to work on his room tomorrow and at least get his bed properly made up with linens and his quilt.  The guest room is a disaster as that is the "why on earth did we bring THIS and where are we going to put it?!?" room.   Kevin was able to assemble all of our road bikes, the recumbent bike, the weight bench and the pull up bar before he left and I am glad they are out of the way. 

There are a few things that should have been packed for Bangkok but must now be in storage.  Fortunately, nothing was all that important (the trash can from the master bathroom, our scale, a carving that we purchased on our honeymoon and a piece of artwork).  We will see them in three years (hopefully) so, not too big of a worry.  There were a few pieces of glassware that were broken during the trip over but I was able to superglue two back together and we threw the others away. 

I have arranged to have all of our artwork/wall hangings installed early next week and will take lots of "after" photos to post. I am really pleased with how well everything "fit" and can't wait to have some photos for the blog.  The house is really warm and comfortable. 

I went to a home design show yesterday with some friends to get some ideas for filling a few empty spaces.  I didn't see anything I absolutely loved and had to have so I left empty handed (except for a few Christmas presents to mail back home).  My interior design class begins next Thursday so maybe I will get some inspiration there!

Below are some photos I have wanted to post this week but never found a chance to get them downloaded and on the blog.

Some time ago, I posted photos of the scaffolding that was installed on a new home under construction directly behind our house.  The other day, they finally began to paint...
The photo below gives you an idea as to how high off the ground these guys are!  Can you imagine?!?  They move around so quickly - I watch from the window with my heart in my throat! 
The photo below is from Caitlynne's first at home BISAC basketball game.  Her team is now 3-0!  Christopher's team is also undefeated.
I wish I knew what the dish below was called.  We were a little hesitant to taste  at first but it turned out to be delicious.  The second photo shows a close up of a vegetable that PeePorn used which was very similar to okra.  Maybe the same?

And, finally!  Last Friday, I bid "adieu" to our Welcome Kit! 
Oops, I forgot about these photos! Christopher sang in the choir concert at school last night.  The photos are absolutely horrible but I wanted to post something!
 First he sang with the 6th grade choir (about 20 students).
 And then in the finale with the Elementary and High School choirs.
Before I say "good night", I want to give a big shout out to my cousin Patrick and his wife, Merrily, who will soon be celebrating their 1 year wedding anniversary!  We had a great time at their beautiful wedding in Orleans, MA last year and it was so wonderful to see all of my cousins, aunts and uncles before we moved.  We were very sad that we did not make it out to the Cape again before we left for Bangkok! 


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