Thursday, October 20, 2011

Quick Update

An "at risk" flood warning was issued last night for parts of the Don Muang and Laksi districts as the waters are overflowing the banks of the Khlong Prapa and there are leaks in the flood barriers.  The flood barriers at Don Muang are our last line of defense so this is especially concerning.  In addition, Nichada Management sent an email out last week and noted that any overflow of the Khlong Prapa should be one of the indicators that the flood waters are in close proximity and we should prepare accordingly.  AGH!  One of the areas identified, Thong Song Hong, looks to be not very far from the back gate of Nichada so I might take a drive by later today just so we can get a better idea of where we are relative to these areas.  It is a challenge to read these warnings and then try to locate them on a map or google earth to figure out if we are/aren't affected or have cause to worry.   Each day the waters have been getting closer to us and I have a very uneasy feeling about today and tomorrow.

We have a function at Kevin's office this afternoon and I hope we are able to get downtown (and then back to Nichada) without too much trouble.  

Well, I am going to go out for a long run with the dogs and will see what is happening in the streets of Nichada.  Who knows, it might be my last time running on dry ground for a few days. 


Mark Coffey said...

Good to read your blog and hear that you are still high and dry. I hope it remains that way. Cheers

Chic Coastal Living said...

We are praying for all of you! Thank you for keeping us posted on how it's going.