Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Getting Nervous

Well, we continue to sit and watch as the high waters break through flood barriers just north of us and quickly inundate homes, factories and streets.  It is hard to focus on the potential crisis we face as it is a beautiful, sunny and clear day here.  We had some torrential downpours Friday and Saturday but it has not rained since then so the ground has dried out a little bit.  

We are still being told by Nichada Management (via the Embassy) that Nichada is in no immediate danger of flooding.  The area of major concern for us is the height and strength of the barrier in the Don Muang district (immediately northeast of us) which is now our only protection against the flood waters.  If the water levels are higher than that barrier or if the flood waters otherwise breach it, we will be in trouble.  In fact, the Embassy has advised us that flooding in the Don Muang area is an indicator of greater probability that Nichada might experience flooding shortly thereafter.  Based on that message, we moved some things up to our second flood and will move more this evening.  It is hard for me to think about moving things after I just got all of our HHE unpacked and organized but, hopefully, it is all for naught.    

Nichada continues to prepare to protect the community.  It is amazing the time and expense that are being expended to fortify the community and I can only hope that, if we are unfortunate enough to experience flooding, the protections that have been constructed and installed will help alleviate some of the damage. There are three large buses parked near our neighborhood and I wanted to ask the guard if they were there in the event we needed to evacuate.  However, I did not ask the question as I really did not want to know the answer!  The Ambassador has given Nichada residents the option to move into a hotel downtown until the situation out here is more settled.  Kevin and I have decided against this as there is still a good chance that we will have little to no flooding.  If we do have flooding, I would rather be in our home, with our things and no electricity than be downtown in a hotel.  I am also afraid that, if we leave and Nichada floods, we might not be able to return for some time.    

I am worried but not in a panic. I expect that we will have some notice of the barrier being breached so we can finish last minute preparations.  I have stocked up on bread, peanut butter, jelly and cereal and have frozen some containers of milk.  We will fill the car with gas tonight and get propane for the grill.  We have plenty of water for the water dispenser, our flashlights are ready and cell phones are charged.    

I will post more news/information as it becomes available. 

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