Tuesday, June 11, 2013


The babies have stayed in the nest since Saturday and they are growing so much each day.  

Yesterday morning...

 This morning...
Looking for breakfast...
Spectacular engineering with twist ties!
In the photo below, you can see just how lightly the nest is attached to the branches of the palm tree. Not only is the nest pretty small but, as the babies grow, there is no way that little bit of attachment is going to hold any amount of weight. I am trying to think of how to best add some more support. This might be a job for duct tape or a bungee cord. 
We are going to Vietnam early Friday morning but PeePorn will be here off and on over the weekend to check on the house and keep an eye on the birds. At the rate they are growing, I think they will be out of the nest before we move. 

Not much else is going on around here. The kids have been enjoying some time with their few friends that haven't already left for vacation. Nichada is pretty empty and I expect it will be a ghost town by the time we return from Vietnam next Tuesday. I think I have three more boxes to pack and mail out - anything else will have to fit in our suitcases! 

Have a great Wednesday!

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