Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Extended Forecast

I have been counting down the days and I don't think there is anything sweeter to me right now than being able to see the 10 day extended forecast for Fairfax, Virginia and know that we will soon be home. 

The forecast for our arrival next Monday is looking pretty good...a bit warmer than I would like but still cooler than here in Bangkok.
Fairfax, VA (22033) Weather

MonJun 24

Partly Cloudy
Partly Cloudy

We returned from Vietnam late this morning. I am still sorting through my thoughts on what we did & saw and what I thought of Vietnam overall and I will report back tomorrow. 

I was worried that a cat or snake would get into the birds' nest while we were gone but both birds were alive and well when we returned. They grew so much during the five days we were gone - they now have feathers and their eyes are wide open. Given how much they have grown (they will be two weeks old on Friday), it looks likely that they will be very close to leaving the nest by the time we leave next Monday. 
Have a great Tuesday!

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