Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A Long Time Coming!

I am not sure where the last four(+) months went...between crew (Caitlynne), basketball and football (Christopher), work (Kevin and I), running (Kevin and I), and keeping our home and our family somewhat together (me), the time just flew by and here it is the end of July. Yikes! I am particularly ashamed that I had promised a post the day after Saint Patrick's Day and this is the soonest I have gotten around to it! Trust me, almost every day I thought at least once about this blog and planned out a post to write. Several times I even went so far as to say to the kids, "today I WILL write a post". Alas, 'twas not to be. I was simply overcome by events as "they" say.

But, here I am. Energized. Organized. And desperately hoping to carve out enough time out of my crazy schedule to commit to posting 4-5 times a week. We shall see. I realized over the last 4+ months how very therapeutic writing for the blog was for me and how much I really missed it. 

I will start with the easiest "catch up". Running. While my blog publications ceased, my running did not. The weather has been fantastic (although who wouldn't say that after the winter we experienced here in Northern Virginia??) and I have been running like the madwoman that I am. I have been able to run 35+ miles/week several times recently and this month I am on track to run 125+ miles. I haven't seen those kind of numbers in a long time and am very happy!

Obviously, I have progressed great distances in my transcontinental journey. I ran six miles yesterday morning to reach mile 2850.0 and am 7.01 miles from the Yellowstone Park Entrance, in Wyoming (Teton County).
While it is great to see the end (also known as the Pacific Ocean) in the very near distance, the downside of my increased mileage is that my body is showing its age. I have numerous aches and pains - nothing too serious but bothersome. Every day something new hurts. Right now, I am running 5 (sometimes 6) days and I can feel it. I am thinking of a new plan for August to decrease my running and increase cross training, strength training, and stretching. 

Have a great day!

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