Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Taste Test

Kevin returned home early this morning and PeePorn spent almost all afternoon in the kitchen making a special dinner for us.

Kevin's absolute favorite dish is Pomelo salad and PeePorn loves making this for us. She knows, no matter how much she makes, there will be very little, if any, leftover. I know I have posted photos of this salad before but PeePorn presented it so nicely today that I couldn't resist. This salad is probably going to be the one thing that I will miss most about living in Thailand. My plan is to eat as much of it as possible between now and June.
Chicken Spring Rolls. These probably aren't the healthiest food around but they are really good! 
PeePorn makes a dipping sauce for the spring rolls with sweet chili sauce, rice vinegar, garlic and peanuts. It is so good! I told her she needs to bottle it so I can take some with me back home.
 And, for Caitlynne, fried rice.
For dessert, a fresh fruit plate. Just as I typed that sentence, I remembered that I planned (but forgot) to go and pick up some mango and sticky rice for dessert as well. 
I had a great run with Sonder this morning and then swam for a while before lunch. By early afternoon, I was ravenous and had to have a little snack. Yum!
Kevin better be home on time tonight or there might not be anything left for him! Seriously, I am so happy he is home and I am really looking forward to us having a nice dinner together. It will be rushed though because Christopher has baseball practice and I have netball training this evening so we will eat and run.

The Opening Day Ceremony for baseball and softball was wonderful! I posted the photo of Johnny Damon earlier and am waiting for the photographer to upload more photos so I can share some of those. Johnny Damon was absolutely amazing - we were very lucky to have him attend the Ceremony. He was so friendly and humble and just great with the kids. In fact, after the official Ceremony was over, he stayed around for quite awhile and continued to chat, sign autographs and take photos. The kids were over the moon to get a chance to meet him and hear what he had to say. For all of the worrying that I and the other Board members did over coordinating the appearances of both the U.S. Ambassador and Johnny Damon and setting a timeline for the Ceremony, everything went very smoothly. I really think that the more I worry, the better things turn out.

It was incredibly hot and humid for the games this weekend but it was nice to be back in the stands and watching the kids play baseball and softball again. However, since tonight will be the 9th night out of 10 nights that we have had a baseball and/or softball activity to participate in, I can see this getting old very quickly. 

Unfortunately, Christopher's team lost both of their games and Caitlynne's team also lost their game this weekend. However, both teams have a lot of potential and I think that, after a few more practices and games, they will hit their stride and we will see some wins. The kids on both teams are really nice, have great sportsmanship and seem to be very motivated to practice and improve their skills. In her game on Saturday, Caitlynne had two singles and made two great outs at first base. She also plays catcher and we are hoping that she can practice pitching and then she can pitch as well. Christopher was the starting pitcher for his Friday night game and did very well. His hitting wasn't all that great in the Friday night game but during Saturday's game, he had a double and two singles. He also plays short stop and catcher for his team. He likes playing the catcher position but it is very difficult to have all of that gear on in the heat and humidity. I keep such a steady supply of Gatorade flowing into the dugout, I should buy stock in Gatorade. 

Have a great Tuesday!

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