Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Since I posted the photo of Johnny Damon throwing out the first baseball pitch at the Opening Day Ceremony, it is only fair that I post a photo of the U.S. Ambassador to Thailand, Kristie A. Kenney, throwing out the first softball pitch. Girl power! I love her Nationals shirt! Again, all of these incredible photos were taken by Brian Vogel, ebvimages. His photos are so great and make mine (which are usually taken with my mobile phone), look so amateur.
Our team with Johnny Damon. He was so gracious and took photos with each team! What an incredible keepsake for the kids.
 Christopher's team with Johnny.
Some action shots.
I could only find this one photo of Caitlynne. Not sure where her hat is.
 Christopher on the mound.
Christopher going up to bat. One of his good friends was a catcher for the other team so I imagine Christopher was chatting him up. His friends are spread out among the different teams and, while they are all very competitive, they are respectful of each other and exhibit good sportsmanship. The same is true of Caitlynne and her friends - even when they are on opposing teams, they all shriek, scream and carry on when one of them hits well or has a good play in the field. I love their enthusiasm and camaraderie.
Christopher and his friend planning their strategy.
Some EXTREME actions shots. 

Two of Christopher's teammates... this is what happens when you don't call the ball.
Christopher made it to third but will he be able to get home?
It will be close...
 Safe! He managed to slide in under the tag and score for his team.
The Embassy is abuzz with the scheduled visit to Bangkok this weekend by President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton. Regardless of whether or not I agree with their political philosophies, I think it is really awesome that the President will be visiting the Embassy during his trip to Bangkok. He is having a "meet and greet" with Embassy families one evening and  Caitlynne really wants to go but I think it will be just too chaotic and crowded for us to attend. 

Have a great Wednesday!

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