Thursday, August 23, 2012

One Thousand Miles!!!

I reached a HUGE milestone in my transcontinental run this morning... I have run 1,000 miles since last December!  (Well, actually 1,002 but, once you run that much, what is an extra mile or two?!?).  

I am STILL in Kentucky but getting closer to Illinois...
It looks like I run just a short distance in Illinois (relatively speaking) and then head south into Missouri.  Only 3,061 miles left to run until I reach the Pacific Ocean somewhere along the coast of Oregon.

I finished my run this morning at this beautiful spot...
1002.0 mi - "14.91 mi to Beech Grove, KY", Daviess County
I was very fortunate to be able to run so much when we were back in the U.S.  The weather was such a nice change from Bangkok and I certainly took advantage of it. I ran about 35 miles each week and, one week, I came thisclose to running 40 miles. It was nice to vary my routes throughout our trip. There are very limited options in Nichada as far as running routes and trails or paths are considered.  If I run anything over 6 miles, I begin to feel like a hamster going round and round in a wheel.  So boring!  While we were at my parents' home, we ran on the Walkill Valley Rail Trail. While we were staying with Clare in Virginia, I ran around the golf course in her community - it was very hilly but the path was paved (the best surface for running, IMHO) and so peaceful in the early morning.  I had a few nice runs around our former neighborhood in Miami - even though it was warm and humid, it was still better than Bangkok!  Jim and Jan live in a great area for running - lots of very nice neighborhoods to run through, a paved path along the Fairfax Co. Parkway and enough hills here and there to make it challenging.  Jim, Jan, Kevin, the kids and I also did a couple of runs at Burke Lake Park on the weekends. 
There is a 4.5 mile path around the perimeter of the Lake and the path, although not paved, is in pretty good shape. We would stop at Starbuck's on the way to Burke Lake and, as our incentive to run fast, we would pick up bagels and cream cheese on the way home for breakfast.  

After my run on Sunday morning, my knee was incredibly painful. I couldn't bend or put any pressure on it and it hurt even when I had it elevated. Thanks to Dr. Google, I diagnosed myself with either a stress fracture or a torn meniscus. I stayed off my feet most of Sunday, iced it throughout the day and took a few Advil (which did nothing). I didn't run Monday or Tuesday and limited my activity to only walking Sonder. I was so frustrated at not being able to run - I wanted to reach 1,000 miles so badly!  I had a few twinges of pain here and there but nothing like it was on Sunday (when I thought I should have my leg amputated).  By Tuesday night, even those twinges were gone. The rest days must have done the trick because I ran a great 6 miles yesterday and 5 mile this morning - all without knee pain (so I consider myself cured).  

Kevin was in Taipei last week and in Tokyo this week.  He returns tonight but has official visitors in town for several days so I am not sure how much we will get to see of him this weekend. As luck would have it, Caitlynne and Christopher each have a basketball game tomorrow night at 7.30 pm so I hope he can at least get home to watch some of Christopher's game.

Have a great Thursday.  

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