Wednesday, August 22, 2012

After Our Return

As sad as we were to leave our friends and family in the U.S., it sure was nice to be home.  After 7 weeks, we all were tired of living out of a suitcase and ready to sleep in our own beds. I think the forced overnight in Tokyo helped reduce the effect of jet lag on all of us.  I had a few nights of being awake from 1 am - 3 am but it wasn't as bad as when we arrived in Bangkok last year.

As expected, Sonder was very happy to see us.  He had a rough time while we were gone and I am trying to think of a better option for his care when we go on future trips. PeePorn loves him and is very good with him but she can't replace the kids and I. He was very lonely and depressed to the point that he didn't eat well for a couple of weeks. Fortunately, my next door neighbor had him over for frequent playdates - she has three young children and she also happened to be watching a friend's dog for the summer so Sonder had an outlet for some of his energy as well as some social time. 

The kids fell right back into their routines - biking around Nichada, meeting up with friends, sleepovers... School began last Tuesday and, so far, so good.  Caitlynne was very happy with her teachers and the composition of her classes.  Fortunately, she does not have many of her friends in her classes so she can concentrate on her academics and save the socializing for after school. At first, Christopher was a bit overwhelmed with his Algebra class and wasn't confident he could do the work but, after being in the class for a week and getting to know the teacher, he is more positive about his capabilities.  The kids actually have one class together - Theater Sports - and it is fun to listen them talk about the different drama exercises that they do.

The community league basketball season begins this week and both Caitlynne and Christopher will be playing.  Kevin coached Christopher's team last year but because of how much he will be traveling this year, he couldn't commit.  I volunteered to be an assistant coach for Caitlynne's team but, given no one volunteered to be coach, I was quickly promoted! How great is that?!? Not.  Our first game is Friday night and it will be interesting to see how our team does. Of the seven girls on my team, I only knew two of them (one being Caitlynne) and they haven't practiced or played together as a team yet.  I hope they all at least know how to play the game - I know enough about basketball to make me dangerous but I certainly can't teach anyone the fundamentals of the game or any strategies.   

I went to the Babies' Home on Monday but Say Jon was sick and I could not take him so I will try to go tomorrow or Friday.  I can't wait to see how big he has gotten and if he is crawling yet. The Home was closed for quite a long time over the summer because there was an outbreak of Hand, Foot and Mouth disease in this region.  I couldn't figure out if the Home was directly affected or if they were just being cautious and closing the Home to visitors in order to reduce the potential for contamination.  

Today, I went with a friend to an area of Bangkok called "Wood Street".  She was interested in having some pieces of furniture made and a shop in this area had been recommended to her.  It was pretty obvious how the street got its name. Wood and wood products were EVERYWHERE!
The shops were piled high to the ceiling with row after row of furniture for sale. Thank goodness I went along as only an observer because the choices were overwhelming. Shop after shop of wood products...


Some random photos of "Wood Street".
A food vendor.
I still haven't ridden in a tuk-tuk.  It is on my "to do" list though so sometime in the next 10 months it is going to have to happen!

Have a great Wednesday!

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