Sunday, January 22, 2012

Party Prep

Every year in mid-Winter, Kevin hosts a 3-4 day management conference at his work site (wherever we are living at the time).  This year's conference will begin tomorrow (Monday)  and there will be about 40 people flying in to Bangkok from all over the world (mostly from the U.S.) to attend the conference.  

We host a "social" each year at our home for the conference attendees and also invite staff from Kevin's office.  It is nice for me because I get to put a face to a name and it is nice for the attendees as they get a bit of "down" time and can enjoy some social interaction as well as a home cooked meal.  Being in Miami for the last three years, we were very fortunate to have perfect weather at the time of each conference - mild temperatures and no hurricanes, blizzards or flooding to worry about.  I also had a pool/patio area that was absolutely fabulous for entertaining and it was very easy to host 65-75 guests without everyone being too crowded.  However, in our home in Bangkok, space is definitely an issue, especially since we are at the height of mosquito season and outdoor seating will be  questionable until the very last minute (and even then it might require a lot of mosquito repellent).  I was a little nervous because 90 invitations for dinner and drinks at our home were sent out and I wasn't quite sure exactly where I would put that many people!  However, based on RSVPs received to date, I expect to have about 60 people attend and I think can definitely make the evening work without too much squishing.  

I have chosen to go with a Thai menu for the dinner.  PeePorn is making sum tom (green papaya salad)... 

and pomelo (a fruit very similar to a grapefruit) salad 

as well as a fruit/cheese/lettuce salad.
I have a caterer making a green curry chicken lasagna as well as all of the desserts. My "Barbie Bake With Me" oven can barely fit a 9x13" baking pan so preparing an entree in my kitchen for 60 people was out of the question.  We have plenty of red wine (based on past events, this is a red wine loving group!), a few bottles of white wine and beer.  Instead of buying every kind of soda under the sun (coke, diet coke, coke zero, caffeine-free coke, sprite, etc.), I am serving pink lemonade, yellow lemonade and water for those who prefer not to drink alcohol.  

I spent most of the weekend getting the house organized and everything set up.  I had extra incentive to get as much preparation done in advance as possible because...
the NY Giants play San Francisco for a trip (2nd time in less than 5 years!!!) to the Superbowl and there is NO WAY I am going to miss THAT game!  The game begins Sunday at 8:30 pm which is 8:30 am Monday in Bangkok so I will be up early to finish a few minor dinner preparations and then it will be football watching for the rest of the morning.  The last time the Giants went to the Superbowl - and WON - I watched by myself (we were living in Australia at the time) and it was so lonely.  This year, I told the kids that if the Giants make it to the Superbowl, they can stay home from school and watch the game with me.  Missing a day of school might be just enough incentive for Christopher (a die-hard Redskins fan) to cheer for the Giants.    

Have a great Sunday and GO GIANTS!!! 

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