Sunday, January 8, 2012

Monkey Business

Other than in Thailand, I am not sure where else in the world I would need to get my car washed because the monkey sitting in the tree above where it was parked dropped a can of Coke on it!  How is that for a unique experience?!?  

On our second day in Cha-Am, we went with Kung and Kei to an area a bit south of Cha-Am (close to the town of Hua Hin) to visit a village with two claims to fame.  The first claim is the amazing temple perched high above Hua Hin with fabulous views of the coastline and the sea.  The second claim is that the village is completely overrun by monkeys.  

We had to drive up a very steep mountain to get to the village and then you had to climb about 200 stairs to reach the temple.  The views were incredible from being up so high...
Now, about those monkeys...

We pulled into a car park and monkeys were EVERYWHERE!  
At first we were thinking how cute they were...  
The monkey in the photo below seemed to be contemplating something very important.
This little guy loved playing on the telephone and electrical wires.  
At one point (see the photo below), I thought we might end up with a "fried" monkey but, fortunately, he stopped chewing on the wire before any damage was done.
It was sweet watching the mother monkeys taking care of and watch over their little ones.
As we spent more time walking around the village and watching the monkeys, it became obvious the monkeys could be pretty pesky.  I can't imagine if this is how my neighborhood looked all of the time...
Any sort of food or drink not nailed down or hidden well is fair game for the monkeys to steal.  The monkey in the photo below spotted a man eating lunch in his car and kept trying to figure out a way to get into the car.
I bet he is thinking, "Hmm, maybe I can get in this way...".
Somehow, the monkey in the photo below got a hold of someone's water bottle and opened it for a drink.
The poor person who owned the pickup truck in the photo below made the horrible mistake of leaving some groceries in the back.  One monkey made the discovery and within minutes the truck was covered with monkeys eager to get a piece of the "pie".
A woman who lives nearby takes care of any orphaned or injured monkeys and arranges vet care if necessary.  She also accepts donations for food and feeds the monkeys whenever she can.  She offered to let Christopher, Kei and Kung feed them and that is when it got a little freaky.  I don't know where all of the monkeys came from but, as soon as she brought out a few buckets of bananas, dozens of monkeys swarmed around them!  A few even tried to climb up Christopher's legs to get at the bucket of banana pieces that he was holding.  
By this time, Caitlynne and I had enough of the monkeys so we gathered everyone together and headed for the car, only to find it covered in brown goo.  Fortunately, a monk was nearby and told me about the monkey in the tree dropping the Coke on to our car.  While I was annoyed about the mess, I was very happy to hear it was only Coke as I had imagined the substance to be something entirely different!  

Have a great Sunday!


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I'm producing a story for a science news program called Daily Planet on Discovery Channel in Canada and I was wondering if I could include the image of the monkey chewing on the wire in my story?

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